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Safety Consultants Richmond - Safety Consultants Langley

An occupational health and safety (OHS) management system in BC encompasses more than just your health and safety program. It includes health and safety policies, systems, standards, and records, and involves incorporating your health and safety activities and program into your other business processes. Having an effective management system improves your ability to continuously identify hazards and control risks in your workplace.

Safety Consultants richmond
Safety Consultants Richmond

Greystone Safety Services can you assist you with your current Health and Safety Program and make it an integral part of your Safety Management System. These following elements can be components of an effective OHS management system. The scope and complexity of the system may vary, depending on the size and hazards of your workplace and the nature of the work performed.

The two aspects of actively managing health and safety, mentioned above, are combined in the framework of occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) standards such as CSA Z1000-14. OHSMS standards outline the principles and processes to follow for continual health and safety improvement.

Safety Consultants langley

OHSMS standards can be applied to any industry. They do not make reference to specific hazards, but they indicate the need for specific health and safety processes and proactive management processes. Adopting an OHSMS standard for your organization is voluntary, but it is very beneficial. Using these standards of active health and safety management can steer you towards best practice. Actively managing health and safety is a key step to improving your organization's health and safety culture.

Safety Consultants Langley

​Greystone Safety Services Provides Occupational Health and Safety Consulting, OHS Safety Consultants, OHS Safety Programs & Manuals Development, Site Specific Safety Plans, OHS Safety Programs & Manuals Upgrades - Conversions, OHS Safety Program Audits and Auditing, OHS Site Safety Inspections & Risk Assessments, WorkSafeBC Regulations Compliance, Safety Equipment Supplies & Products and OHS Safety Training Certification Courses across British Columbia, BC, Canada:

Safety Consultants Richmond

Over the years we have helped hundreds of our clients in conducting site safety inspections, accident investigations, site safety audits, job safety analysis(s), safety program development and safety training. As a leader in the safety industry we offer professional safety consulting services to assist your companies safety culture and to ensure compliance with WorksafeBC provincial legislation. Part of our consulting service is our auditing process which is an effective tool to evaluate your current health and safety program. Problem areas are identified and solutions are suggested in the following areas: provincial and federal regulatory requirements, management commitment, employee involvement and accountability, work site job hazard analysis, record keeping (due diligence), safety training and hazard recognition and control.

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